ContACt Hours for RNs

Ventura Training Institute offers contact hours for Registered Nurses through the California Board of Registered Nurses. In the State of California, Registered nurses are required by law to complete 30 contact hours of continuing education every two years. Continuing education courses must have been completed during the preceding renewal period (when renewing), or during the preceding two years (when renewing a delinquent or lapsed license, or going from an inactive to active license). For more information, please visit the CA BRN website

Spanish for Nurses

30 Contact hrs

Cost: $370

This course, approved by the CA Board of Registered Nurses, is designed for nurses who want to learn basic Spanish phrases related to their medical profession. Students will learn phrases related to specific nursing tasks (I.E.:  assessments, medical history, appointments, etc.) and will complete live scenarios focusing on Spanish only patients. This is not designed as a Spanish language class. Instead, it is designed to teach students how to do specific tasks in Spanish. As such, there is no specific Spanish prerequisite to enroll in this class. All non-native speakers of Spanish at various levels are encouraged to enroll this course. Upon completion of the course, the nurse will receive 30 hrs of contact hours from the Board of Registered Nurses.